Kansas Kustom is your source for quality built parts and personal service. We specialize in custom built Girder & Springer front forks and weld on tail section for old to new Sportsters and XS650 motorcycles.

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    Benefits of Custom Bikes

    When you purchase a stock complete bike, it comes with various components. These components are dependent on the price of your bike and build level. Thus, there are premium, mid, or low components. If there are upgrades needed, that means an extra cost. You can obtain a high component provided at an extra cost from the manufacturer.

    Another factor to consider is your bike's depreciation factor. You should note that bikes do depreciate rapidly. However, there are certain brands or models, which maintain their values better as compared to others.

    Custom bikes are not meant for every person. For most people, the right choice is to go biking shop and check quality retailers that offer amazing tech support and product support. They want to purchase complete bike ready to ride. If you want to build or upgrade to, custom bike, you should consult experts.

    There are several bike companies out there that lead to cutting-edge innovation and technology. Thus, they cater for technical, gear heads, and performance. In this way, you get premium brands and maximum performance thanks to the optimum component mix.

    Professionals that make custom bikes utilize major brands of components and frames that are lightly used or new ones. This explains why they build premium custom bikes. They focus on popular models and brands. Moreover, performance is of importance. These experts do not have any problem in choosing components and frames, making adjustments, building bikes, and tuning to achieve the required results.

    Looking at custom bike builds available is good. You will realize that there are bikes of same model/brand available in different sizes. This is necessary to satisfy customer demands. There are some few differences you will note. For instance, some may be equipped with fenders and lighting, while others may note. These custom bikes are not mass produced.